Trade Marks

“They encourage and create a conversation that is both broader in terms of what we offer, and deeper in terms of our understanding of what success, defensibility and planning means to our trade marks’ strategy”

This is about identifying where the real value is in your business proposition, and there are many parts of a business idea that need protection – words, logos, phrases, colours and unique identifiers that are used to identify a business’s products can all be protected as trade marks.

Whilst it’s not mandatory to register trade marks, it greatly simplifies your ability to take action against anyone copying your marque.  Franke Hyland can prepare and file trade marks in Australia and New Zealand, as well as filing and managing international applications.  Other services we provide include searching of trade mark databases and other publications to determine and advise on the registrability of new trade marks; as well as advising on whether proposed new branding might infringe other people’s trade mark rights.

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