How Do I Protect My Brand With a Trade Mark?

Trade Mark Protection

In today’s world, with the Internet at everyone’s fingertips, it seems as though nothing is safe. Having a trade mark or copyright has become a necessity to keep your information from being stolen. By using an Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney, you can protect your business assets. In order to get effective Intellectual Property protection, having an IP Strategy is essential. With the proper strategy in place, you can be assured that your inventions and designs have the protection of the law covering patents, copyrights, and trade marks.

How exactly can a trade mark help me?

Your brand and your business are represented by your trade marks. They have a key role in how customers see you and your company. For example your logo, product name, color scheme, or package shape are all items that can be protected. In order to protect what these represent, you can use trade marks. There are rules around what can be protected. Trade Marks need to be unique and not similar to other companies’ intellectual property. They also need to be specific to your goods and services. In some countries, registering a trade mark is the only way to protect it. This means that if you don’t have a registered trade mark, then your logos or whatever you use to represent your company could be at risk to be used by other companies.

How do I get a trade mark?

The simple answer is to use an IP Attorney. The process of registering your trade mark can be quite  complex and involves multiple legal requirements. You need an experienced specialist firm to help you with your registration.

What is an IP Attorney?

An IP Attorney is a specialist that deals exclusively with trade marks, patents and copyright. IP firms work with companies to make sure that all products are registered and protected. They are in the business of protection and are a must have for businesses that want to have a unique market representation. They deal with what sets companies apart. If you see a specific color scheme or a logo, your mind will automatically go to that company. If you want your brand to have that kind of success,  you need to pay close attention to trade mark the components of that brand. Communication is key for all businesses.

IP Strategy

Of course, Trade Marks form just part of an overall IP Strategy. If you need help defining your own strategy, please get in touch.

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