How partnering with an IP attorney can benefit your law firm

Partnering with an IP attorney makes good sense

While it’s possible to secure some forms of IP rights, such as trade marks, without the assistance of a specialist in intellectual property law, this often isn’t the best way forward for a general law firm. There are a whole host of reasons why law firms look to partnering with an IP attorney to seek guidance. In this article, we’re going to review a few of the benefits law firms stand to gain from retaining a specialist IP attorney to help their clients with their IP requirements.

Beat the competition

Clients will trust you to look after them if you make sure you find the best in the business for their intellectual property needs. Rather than winging it, and attempting to find a solution for your clients with a little knowledge of a complex legal field, choosing a firm that specialises in intellectual property to assist them will leave them far better placed. This means a higher level of customer satisfaction and a better reputation for your firm.

Avoid legal pitfalls

There’s a lot of potential for sticky situations when it comes to the world of intellectual property, especially when dealing with the sometimes complex interaction of trade mark, design, copyright and patent rights, so it’s best to trust someone who knows the rules inside and out. A skilled IP attorney will be able to find the most cost effective IP strategy for the commercialisation of your client’s idea, while considering your client’s commercial realities and ultimate exit strategy. They will also, crucially, ensure the IP rights of any competitors are accounted for.

More time for what you’re good at

Processes such as filing for a patent, design or trade mark can seem superficially simple, but there are pitfalls that can irretrievably compromise your client’s rights if you are not experienced in IP. Before even applying for an IP right, there are intellectual property searches to conduct, the intellectual property rights of competitors to investigate, and due diligence exercises to carry out. Why not make things a lot simpler for you and your clients by finding an experienced intellectual property lawyer to get the job done for you?

When it comes to actually filing a patent or trade mark, an IP attorney will be able to ensure there is a filing coherent strategy that seeks to maximise the bang for the client’s buck and minimise the risk of failure to secure IP rights.

If you’d like to find out more about how your law firm might benefit from using an outside company for intellectual property work, why not get in touch with Franke Hyland today? A member of our team will happy to explain more about our services and experience.

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