Latest WIPO Innovation Data Shows Australia is Lagging

Recently I attended the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) information roadshow, where WIPO officials updated us on their latest international IP statistics.

Firstly, overall PCT patent applications continue to grow strongly, after a brief setback in 2008-2010 due to the GFC, etc.

Australia ranks as the 14th most common source of PCT applications, with the U.S. and Japan the most common. China is now ranked fourth, just behind Germany.The U.S. is still the most popular place to file national patent applications out of the PCT. China is now the third most popular place to file patent applications, moving past Japan. Relatively strong growth in patent applications is still being experienced in the USA, India, Brazil and Russia all growing at >7% over 2010-2011. However, interest in filing patent applications in Australia has declined in the same period.

Most interestingly, there are now two Chinese companies in the top four individual filers of PCT applications, with ZTE Corporation remaining way out in front as the top filer for 2012:

1. ZTE Corporation—CN (3906)*
2. Panasonic—JP (2951)
3. Sharp—JP (2001)
4. Huawei—CN (1801)
5. Bosch—DE (1775)
6. Toyota—JP (1652)
7. Qualcomm—US (1305)
8. Siemens—DE (1272)
9. Philips—NL (1230)
10. Ericsson—SE (1197)
11. LG Electronics—KR (1094)
12. Mitsubishi Electric—JP (1042)
13. NEC—JP (999)
14. Fujifilm Corporation (891)
15. Hitachi—JP (745)
16. Samsung Electronics—KR (683)
17. Fujitsu—JP (671)
18. Nokia—FI (670)
19. BASF—DE (644)
20. Intel—US (640)

In all, the PCT system continues to grow strongly overall, with the USA and Europe leading but with the developing economies making up ground. Australia remains a middling player in the global IP market, and appears to be gradually losing ground since 2008.

by Adam Hyland

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