IP Springtime in the USA

I have recently returned from the AIPLA Spring meeting in Los Angeles and the INTA meeting in San Diego. Both meetings were great for reacquainting myself with some existing American, Asian and European IP practitioners and meeting some new ones too.

I found the general mood in the US to be reasonably buoyant – the attendance at both meetings was very strong (about 13,000 estimated at INTA).  In all, I think the recovery of economic confidence in the US and other western countries seems to be progressing so, at least to the extent that can be observed through the prism of the IP community.

The presence of Chinese and especially Indian IP firms at these events is also growing strongly. I met with several Indian delegates at INTA and the professionalism and determination of their marketing efforts at these international events is hard to miss.  I have made some connections with some good professionals that I hope will make it easier for our clients to gain solid IP protection in Asia.

San Diego was an excellent choice as host for INTA – thankfully the weather was kinder than in Hong Kong last year and everything was in relatively easy walking distance from the San Diego Convention Centre.  I am looking forward to returning to San Diego at some point in the future to have a better look at the place.

I am also looking forward to doing it all again in Orlando, Florida next year!

by Adam Hyland

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