Getting a trade mark registered quickly for a startup

Just how quickly can a trade mark be registered?

When you have a client with a great idea and an injection of cash from a startup incubator or investor, one of their priorities is to get a trade mark sorted out very quickly. This can be hard with a client that does not have much business experience, even if they have lots of energy and are enthusiastic.
Here are some tips to make sure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible:

Specify the regions and industries that the trademark needs to cover

While every startup has grand plans, the more specific you can get on the types of industries and geographic regions that the business will be operating in, the faster it will be to start registering for trade marks. You can often check the startup’s business plan and help them to create a staggered plan where they apply for trademarks in each region a few months before they start up there. This can also be a good way for new startups to help manage their cashflow, which can become more of an issue as the business continues to operate.

Refine the parameters

One of the most important issues in making sure a trade mark is quickly granted is making sure that it is distinct. Getting intellectual property experts to review the application and trade mark specifics, while searching trade mark databases for any existing, potentially similar trade marks, can help to craft an application that gets approved with the minimum of fuss.

Use a professional intellectual strategy service

Registering a trade mark is only one part of managing the intellectual property of a new business – it is a good idea to have a complete IP strategy that covers all of the issues around the intellectual property. While lawyers are well placed to carry out the legal work around trade mark protection, specialised firms such as Franke Hyland can perform many of the functional tasks associated with intellectual property management, as well as helping to form a sensible overall strategy. This can be extremely useful for people who have not been through this process before.
If you need to get a trade mark registered for a startup, why not contact Franke Hyland today to discuss your options?