Franke Hyland at the Ag & Foodtech Symposium 2016

Bringing together industry, researchers and investors

Brisbane, 2-3 August, 2016

This year’s Ag & Foodtech Symposium celebrates innovation in the agriculture and food industries, and will highlight areas that industry needs to address in order to accelerate technology translation and the adoption of advanced agricultural and food biotechnology innovations.

Topics covered at the event include:

  • Innovation in Australian agriculture, with particular focus on translation and adoption
  • Market access, including social and regulatory barriers to commercialisation
  • Agricultural investment – with emphasis on investments at the SME level
  • Northern agriculture – issues specific to the adoption of biotechnology in Northern Australia
  • Southern agriculture – issues specific to the adoption of biotechnology in Southern Australia.

Adam Hyland will be participating in a discussion panel Maximising Returns from Research, covering intellectual property strategies, technology transfer and commercialisation as well as understanding customer needs as core issues for those who translate agricultural biotechnology research into sustainable business operations.

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