EMDG’s – something from the Government that really can help

Export market development grants (EMDG’s) are a long running Federal Government program designed to assist new
exporters.They provide a grant of up to 50% of expenses incurred in relation to launching and developing export markets, covering expenses such as:

Overseas promotion and travel costs Trade fairs

  • Marketing visits
  • Promotional literature and advertising
  • Visits from overseas buyer
  • Intellectual property registration and insurance costs

The grants are available on the basis of funds being spent and then claimed.There are a set of detailed criteria
for eligibility, mainly to prevent any rorting of the system, but any Australian resident IP developer or manufacturer is very likely to be eligible.There are caps on the maximum  and minimum amount that can be claimed, and on the size of business ( turnover under $50  million).

As a bonus, in the first year you can claim expenses back for the last two tax years, which could be a great head
start for any emerging exporter.

Intellectual property expenses which are allowed include those which relate to registration of patents, trade marks,
designs, plant breeder’s rights, and copyright. It does not cover expenses relating to Australia or New Zealand, but it does cover the costs of seeking protection in other countries, including your Australian attorney’s fees, official fees and foreign attorney costs.

For more information, contact us or go to http://www.austrade.gov.au/What-Is-EMDG/default.aspx.

One final tip – claims for the 2010/11 year are now open, and if you get in early, your claims will also be paid early.

Peter Franke

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