“We needed to know where to start and where it might all finish, and Franke Hyland delivered”

When you spend time, money and effort in developing a new aesthetic appearance for your products or services, it forms part of your competitive advantage. At Franke Hyland, we can help you prevent that benefit from being eroded by those seeking to take a free-ride by copying your design.

We prepare design applications and then manage the entire lodgement process both here locally in Australia and New Zealand, and further afield internationally. We can even conduct searches of various design registrations to determine and advise on the registrability of new designs.

Other services include the review of enforceable design registrations, advising you on whether your new product might infringe other people’s design rights.

Franke Hyland is adept at setting up an overall design registration strategy that allows you to achieve the most useful protection within your budget.

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