When technology company MediKane applied their “food as medicine” principles to the problem of what to do with the bi-products including cane sugar extraction, they discovered significant health benefits were to be gained from using an alternative process.

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MediKane is an Australian based company, dedicated to developing Australian technology and applying it to natural health products.  One of their existing products, NutriKane D™, has been produced from a number of natural whole plant products including sugarcane.  The process uses no chemicals and very little heat to remove sucrose from the cane (>98% of the sucrose is removed) whilst retaining many of the micronutrients including policosanols, polyphenolic antioxidants and bioavailable chromium, all of which are known to aid in BGL maintenance and insulin sensitivity.  The end product has very few kilojoules, complements existing options for gut health maintenance and contributes to the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

Businesses that process sugarcane using traditional methods derive no benefit from the waste material after processing, with the fibre usually being burned.  Using the MediKane model allows them to yield vastly more value from the cane and other raw materials they use.

MediKane approached Franke Hyland to help them develop an IP strategy around their process.  They wanted to develop products from natural crops and apply them globally for several specific health problems.

Franke Hyland advised them to apply for patents for a range of product applications, allowing each one to be licensed separately.

“Franke Hyland was chosen by us after very careful consideration of many factors – not least of which was the ability of the firm to understand our products and our aims. Adam Hyland is very compliant with our wishes, he listens first and then clearly explains how IP law can best be used to minimise risk. Getting a comprehensive approach to IP Protection has not only helped us with selling to larger corporations, but also assisted us with getting investment.

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