The long established Australian innovator Australian Lock Company views protection of their intellectual property as a crucial element of their success.

When Master Locksmith Brian Preddey invented BiLock in the early 1980’s, he could not have imagined that his dual bladed, pick resistant locking system would one day secure facilities stretching from the Stock Exchange in Kuwait City to the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas, the Federal Treasury in Canberra and numerous installations throughout the world.

Australian Lock Company is an innovator in the field of high security locks.  It achieved patent protection over the inventive advances that it made in the development of its original BiLock cylinder designs.  The Company went on to obtain further patent protection over other core features.  Their patent portfolio extends internationally and reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to research and development of its entire range of products.

Intellectual property law specialists Franke Hyland play an integral role in Australian Lock Company’s product development cycle.  They maintain an IP strategy to identify and develop patents to cover the constantly improved designs of the BiLock.

Australian Lock Company’s agreements with their customers and representatives around the world require that the unique features of their product range are covered by tight intellectual property protection.” says Peter Franke, a partner at Franke Hyland.

“Incorporating new and improved components of their product lines has allowed them to greatly extend the conventional patent life spans – future proofing the commercialisation of their ideas.”

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