In today’s competitive climate, the role of business owners’ ideas protection cannot be overstated. Regardless of the country and the market you are going to break into, you have to be sure of the legality and uniqueness of your product. Following the right IP strategy along with a well thought-out business plan will take you to a new level. This is what Franke Hyland strives for. We are an established patent law firm delivering services in Australia and New Zealand. Our principal objective is to maximise the potential of your concept, design, logo or motto to the full.

What Benefits Arise from IP Services?

  • Individualised names or logos make your business easily recognisable throughout the world.
  • Unique elements are cost-efficient commercial tools that establish connections with potential customers.
  • Legal protection of your brand encourages investments and further development.
  • Full right of use of your products. You are always entitled to sell or transfer the protected items.
  • Patented goods increase your business value and enhance credibility.

If you are about to create a legal structure behind your product, it is essential to use patent attorney services from a fully licensed and competent firm. At Franke Hyland, we offer transparency and professional qualifications.

With a Focus on Results

Before granting a patent, there is much to do starting from a comprehensive study. Our team will conduct thorough market analysis to shed light on the registrability of your product. All the procedures comply with Australian IP law to ensure that you do not infringe any copyright. On the other hand, when your product has already been granted a patent, your company gains a right to file a suit against a lawbreaker.

Franke Hyland believes that awareness is the cornerstone of the business growth. Thus, our services include monitoring of your competitors’ positions and the latest legislation updates in the field of IP protection. What is more, our specialists can consult you about how to protect your brand when entering the international arena.